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Close the Registry Editor window.

Now copy the following bolded text, and paste it to a new blank text document:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"ParamDesc"="Regional Domain"

"BR"="South America"
"US"="United States"

монополия и феодализм :(

Ещё годик и все достижения ВАС уйдут в небытие.


яндекс-авторизация: fdsafdf78d76f86sa7fd6sa7f6ds7
Оригинал взят у dmitrygololobov в Настоящий борец за правду!!
Господин из Абердина подал апелляцию в Верховный суд UK по поводу приобретения за £ 50 не понравившегося ему ноутбука в 1998 году (!!!). Юридические расходы: £ 250 000

CourtNewsUK @CourtNewsUK
#Aberdeen man launches appeal at Supreme Court after spending £50 on the wrong laptop at PC World in 1998 and racking up £250k in legal fees

Оригинал взят у dmitrygololobov в Тест на знание английского языка, права и британского юмора :)

BARRISTER: How was your first marriage terminated?
WITNESS: By death.
BARRISTER: And by whose death was it terminated?
WITNESS: His I would hope

Judge: You want an extension on your community service order? How many hours did you do?
Defendant: A lot. Almost all of them.
Judge: Ok, let me see your time sheet.
Defendant: Um... I didn't bring it. It's in the car. Actually, um... I lied, I didn't do any hours. You going to put me in jail for not doing the community service hours?
Judge: No, I'm going to put you in jail for lying to me.

BARRISTER: Mr ********, you say you weren’t having an affair but how do you explain the receipt for several pieces of woman’s lingerie found in your vehicle during the search?
WITNESS: On a weekend I like to dress as a woman.
BARRISTER: Is that the truth Mr ********
WITNESS: Like I would lie about that…

BARRISTER: But isn't it true you wear glasses Mr Thompson?
BARRISTER: And you've admitted in your statement that you didn't have them on at the time - so how can you be sure it was Mr Marshall you saw?
WITNESS: Because I was watching the little b****** steal a lawnmower from my garage - not reading the morning paper.

BARRISTER: Was there anyone else sitting at your table?
WITNESS: Yes, sir. There was about eight couples there that night.
BARRISTER: Did you have a date that night?
WITNESS: No, sir. I am afraid I had my wife with me.

по рации правоохранители передавали тревожные сообщения, цитата: «Агрессивно настроенная толпа молодёжи, вооружённая подушками, движется в сторону Дворцовой площади»

@ http://www.echo.msk.ru/news/897695-echo.html